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2019 DSHK Organic Farm Day

“Be mindful of the seeds you plant as they will bring heartwarming smiles to elderly people. It is the generous giving of ourselves that makes everyone happy.”

Enriching the quality of life and giving back to the community have always been a fundamental part of our corporate mission. To fulfill this, we adhere closely to our core values and contribute to society through our annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. 2019 marks the 4th year since Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong first embarked on our mission to give-back. In previous years, we participated in activities such as beach clean-up and donate food to underprivileged communities. This year, our theme was environment so we decided to collaborate with Produce Green Foundation (PGF) to understand how organic agricultural practices can positively impact our environment.

Organic farming is becoming more widely adopted nowadays as farmers become increasingly aware of the negative effects of chemical pesticides on our health and environment. Studies have demonstrated that they may increase the risk of cancer if ingested long term. This is why organic farming is important not only because it is better for our environment but because it has greater health benefits for consumers.

On 18th October, we journeyed to Fanling to experience the day to day roles of our fellow farmers. The program we signed up for is called 齊享有機菜which translates to “Let’s savor these organic crops together”. We teamed up in threes and planted a variety of crops such as salad leaves, cabbages and romaine lettuces. It was so much fun planting vegetables with everyone for the first time and we even saw a rainbow while watering the crops! What made the experience even better was being able to reap our own harvest in a little over a month! On the 29th November, we went back to the farm to collect our crops and we even got to cook and taste them right away. They were extremely delicious and retained a strong leafy smell but of course, we didn’t eat them all. We weighed the vegetables and packed them into bags of 40 - these were delivered to the Rhenish Rejoice Centre for the elderly the next morning. On 30the November, we visited the centre and gave out the vegetables to the elderly one by one in addition to some beautiful Japanese origami cranes. The elders were all so grateful and thanked us for our hard work.

It was definitely a rewarding experience to be able to bring so much joy and happiness to the community. We look forward to doing more good deeds in the future and it is also with great pleasure to be awarded as “caring company” this year by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS).

CSR - 2019 DSHK Organic Farm Day

Cultivating the fields and sowing the seeds

CSR - 2019 DSHK Organic Farm Day

Harvesting the crops

CSR - 2019 DSHK Organic Farm Day

Packing the vegetables into bags

CSR - 2019 DSHK Organic Farm Day

Bringing big smiles to the elderly community

CSR - 2019 DSHK Organic Farm Day

Donating the vegetables to Rhenish Rejoice Centre for the Elderly


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