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Among Daiichi Sankyo’s rich portfolio of pharmaceutical products, Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong focuses on two therapeutic areas – blood coagulation and infectious disease. We have one broad-spectrum anti-infective agent, levofloxacin, which is in the drug class called fluoroquinolones. Furthermore, we have one antihaemorrhagic agent, tranexamic acid, which is included in the WHO list of essential medicines.


Product List:


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Brand Name Active Ingredient Category Formulation
Enhertu® Trastuzumab deruxtecan Antibody-drug conjugate I.V. 100mg 1 vial
Lixiana® 里先安® Edoxaban Oral Anticoagulant Oral tablet 15mg 14's
Oral tablet 30mg 28's
Oral tablet 60mg 28's
Cravit® Levofloxacin Antibacterials Tablet 250mg 100’s
I.V. 500mg/100mL 1 vial
Transamin® Tranexamic Acid Antihaemorrhagics Capsule 250mg 100’s
Capsule 250mg 500’s
Tablet 500mg 100’s
Injection 5% 250mg/5mL 50’s
Injection 10% 1g/10mL 50’s
Injection 10% 250mg/2.5mL 10’s
Diagnogreen® Indocyanine green Diagnostic agents Injection 25mg/vial 10's


Cravit is a synthetic broad-spectrum antibacterial agent for oral and intravenous administration.
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