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Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong focuses on cardiovascular, oncology, and infectious disease within its rich portfolio of pharmaceutical products.

Product List

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Brand Name Active Ingredient Category Formulation
Nilemdo® and Nustendi® Bempedoic Acid (Nilemdo®)
Bempedoic Acid + Ezetimibe (Nustendi®)
Lipid Lowering Agent Oral tablet 180mg 28's
Oral tablet 180mg +10mg 28's
Enhertu® Trastuzumab deruxtecan Antibody-drug conjugate I.V. 100mg 1 vial
Lixiana® Edoxaban Oral Anticoagulant Oral tablet 15mg 14's
Oral tablet 30mg 28's
Oral tablet 60mg 28's
Cravit® Levofloxacin Antibacterials Tablet 250mg 100’s
I.V. 500mg/100mL 1 vial
Transamin® Tranexamic Acid Antihaemorrhagics Capsule 250mg 100’s
Capsule 250mg 500’s
Tablet 500mg 100’s
Injection 5% 250mg/5mL 50’s
Injection 10% 1g/10mL 50’s
Injection 10% 250mg/2.5mL 10’s
Diagnogreen® Indocyanine green Diagnostic agents Injection 25mg/vial 10's