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2018 Half Day With Elderly

This year we aimed to “Good Health and Well-being” and we were very happy to cooperate with HandsOn Hong Kong and Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Senior Citizen Center to arrange an afternoon tea party with elderly living in the area near the Senior Citizen Center on 11th January 2018.

Holidays can be a lonely time for isolated elderly. DSHK Volunteers celebrated the Chinese New Year with the elderly from a neighbourhood centre in To Kwa Wan. They enjoyed a yum cha party together and played interactive games to bring warmth and support to the elderly. The volunteers also helped pack goodie bags for the elderly to take home with them after the celebration.

A total of 37.5 service hours had fun with 29 under-resourced elderly in a Chinese New Year celebration party and 30 goodie bags were packed and distributed to the participants.

The program expressed warm blessings to the elderly and also provided a great chance for volunteers to spread care to them.

Feedback from the participants:

“Great games and very passionate volunteers! The elderly are very happy, thank you everyone!” -- Ms. Chung, a social worker from Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Senior Citizen Centre (Kowloon City)

“I’m amazed by how smart and active the elderly are! I shared with them some information on medicines and they also told me about their families. I really enjoyed the time with them.” -- A Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong volunteer

“My impression towards the elderly changed – they are much more energetic and responsive than I thought. Some of them even attend several interest classes to learn new things.” -- A Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong volunteer

Afternoon Tea Party in To Kwa Wan

Blessing for the Chinese New Year

Interactive game to bring warmth and support to elderly


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