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2021 All DSHK members were qualified as CPR and AED trainers

On 22 June, all members in Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong participated in an Adult & Child Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) course organized by Hong Kong St. John Ambulance. This certificated CPR and AED course was introduced by a HK private practice cardiologist, Dr. John Wong. Dr. Wong was the past president of Rotary Club of HK Northeast and he was very active in promoting CPR educational course in HK. Therefore, Dr. Wong approached Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong to support the kickoff ceremony of CPR/AED education project 2020-21 back in June 2020. As part of the sponsorship, Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong could entitle a CPR and AED certification course organized by St. John Ambulance. As the current COVID situation in HK is improving, Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong decided to hold a whole day CPR & AED certificated course outside office to allow Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong colleagues to learn about this life saving techniques.

DSHK members was invited to participated in the Rotary Club CPR Kick off Ceremony in Nov 2020
2nd right: Dr. John Wong , private cardiologist and past president of Rotary Club of HK Northeast

The full day course includes CPR/AED theory class, practice workshop and examination. We were given an introduction of CPR, learning the steps when performing CPR under COVID situation in the morning. Then St. John instructors divided us into groups and demonstrated us how to perform CPR with a human model and allowed us to practice our skills. Afterwards, we all had an assessment on the CPR skills. In the afternoon, we were then given a thorough understanding on the principles of defibrillation and the AED machine. After that, all of us took the written and practical assessment on performing AED machine.

For majority of the Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong colleagues, it was their first times attending the CPR/AED training course. All DSHK members were very much engaged in the whole day course and grateful that they were given the opportunities to learn the life-saving techniques.

Feedbacks from Daiichi Sankyo Hong Kong colleagues

DSHK Sales Representative:
It is an extraordinary experience for me. CPR is a life saving skill that we all should be equipped with. Today course was fun and I had learned how to execute CPR in a fun environment.

DSHK Sales Representative:
Life-saving techniques is not as complicated as you think, just learnt it and everyone can help to save life!

DSHK Sales Representativee:
Now I am confident to say that I have the skillsets to provide the necessary assistance to patients at critical time.

Learning about the CPR step by St John instructors

DSHK colleagues were doing the AED assessment on human model



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